4 Reasons Aging Adults Get Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery was once considered to be only for the wealthy, yet medical advances have made it more accessible to everyone. Today’s surgeries are less invasive than those in the past, and many procedures can be performed in-office without anesthesia. Now that seniors know they can get quick results with less risk, many are deciding to give plastic surgery a try. Placer County, Granite Bay, and Folsom at-home care professionals list 4 common reasons why aging adults opt for plastic surgery.

1. Increase Visibility

Seniors today live in a youth-centered culture, and many feel the effects of a changing physical appearance. More seniors are also dating as they discover ways to meet potential partners online and in community groups. For seniors opting for plastic surgery, looking better simply translates to more options by making them feel better and appear more attractive to the opposite sex.

2. Correct Damage

Some medical procedures leave scars and other permanent changes behind. For example, surgery for skin cancer removal may leave visible damage on a senior’s face that can be corrected with a mini facelift. Breast reconstruction is another type of plastic surgery seniors may choose as they heal from cancer.

3. Enjoy Greater Comfort

Plastic surgery isn’t always about aesthetics. In some instances, it is necessary for enhancing a senior’s health and comfort. For example, a senior who has undergone extreme weight loss may have sagging skin that interferes with personal hygiene. Alternatively, an older woman with back pain may need a breast reduction to ease the strain on her muscles. 

4. Boost Self-Esteem

Even when plastic surgery has a medical reason, these procedures typically result in an increased sense of wellbeing. Feeling and looking great can have an uplifting effect on a senior’s self-esteem. In fact, many seniors begin to explore the prospect of having a surgery when they see the benefits experienced by a friend or family member. 

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