Who is Home Care Right For?

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If you are concerned about your elderly parent or loved one living alone, it may be time to look into in-home care. This type of compassionate care and support enables seniors to remain in the comfort of home, while receiving the assistance they need to maintain their regular routines, independence and dignity. Families also enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved one is in professional and caring hands.

So who exactly is home care right for? At Home Care Assistance of Placer County, we believe that all seniors are candidates for home care. Whether the senior needs help a few hours a day or 24 hour care and monitoring is required to help manage a chronic condition, services can be tailored to meet individual needs. While the uses for home care are infinite, most seniors utilize home caregivers when:

  • Daily activities become difficult to complete. The aging process can be associated with loss of vision, range of motion and mobility which can make daily tasks difficult and even dangerous to complete. If your aging parent or loved one struggles with activities of daily living such as cooking or cleaning, part-time care is a great option. With Placer County hourly care, seniors receive minimal help on an as-needed basis so they can maintain as much of their independence as possible.
  • Personal care needs arise. Areas of the home such as the bathroom can be dangerous, making bathing, grooming and dressing hard for seniors to perform independently. If a senior needs assistance with these activities, caregivers can arrive in the morning or evening to assist with daily routines and ensure the senior is safe and comfortable.
  • Driving becomes dangerous or unsafe. Seniors experience a range of changes including decreased reflexes, vision loss and memory loss with age, which can endanger the senior driver as well as others on the road. Home care is great for seniors who need reliable transportation for grocery shopping, medical appointments and other errands.
  • Recovering from a medical procedure. The period following a hospital procedure is when the senior is most vulnerable. Not only will they face changes in mobility, they will likely be prescribed new medications and be under careful diet and exercise orders from their doctor. To enhance the recovery period and to ensure safety and comfort during this time, seniors and their families may want to arrange for an in-home caregiver.
  • There has been a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Family caregivers often step in to provide care for their aging parent or loved one after a dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis. However, as the disease progresses and needs become more complex, it is often beneficial for both the senior and the caregiver to utilize professional Alzheimer’s home care in Placer County. The senior is able to receive quality care from the comfort of home while the family caregiver can take time to rest and recuperate.
  • Family does not live close by. If the senior lives in an area away from close family members, caregivers can provide check-ins to give the family peace of mind. The caregiver will be able to help with a variety of daily activities from light housekeeping to medication reminders and can provide companionship to help combat feelings of loneliness and depression.

To schedule your free in-home consultation, contact Home Care Assistance of Placer County at 916-226-3737. Our friendly, professional Care Managers are ready to assess your loved one’s situation and can help determine individual needs. We’ll assess the home environment, family involvement and your loved one’s abilities to create a tailored care plan that provides support in all activities of daily living from meal preparation to personal care.

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