What Are the Perks of Aging?

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Even though aging is inevitable, it should be celebrated rather than feared because it does come with some wonderful perks. Here are four benefits of aging your senior loved one can look forward to, brought to you by the Placer County elderly care experts at Home Care Assistance. 

Experiencing Fewer Migraines

If your loved one spent his or her younger years experiencing debilitating migraines, relief could be in sight. According to the Headache Center of Atlanta, migraines and the symptoms associated with them, such as nausea, sensitivity to light, and vomiting, may lessen with age. This study found people over the age of 50 experienced less acute migraines than their younger counterparts. Migraines are more common and frequent between the teenage years and age 50.

Discovering More Appreciation for Life

As your loved one grows older, he or she may experience a deeper appreciation for nature and peaceful times. Seniors often find they will cherish their relationships with friends and family even more because they’ve been through many good and bad times that make them more appreciative of their loved ones. Also, when your loved one experiences a keener appreciation of all life’s moments, this can greatly enhance his or her quality of life.

Having a Good Sex Life

An elderly person can experience satisfaction in the bedroom even if his or her sexual desire has decreased. A study done at the University of California stated the majority of women ages 60 to 69 were very pleased with their sex life. For seniors, sex becomes more about bonding, loving, and sharing than proving manhood or validating desirability.

Becoming Wiser

A study done by Darrel Worthy at Texas A&M University showed seniors actually can become wiser the older they get. This study stated the insight gained from a longer life span was a factor in seniors making smarter decisions. It was also found that seniors are better than younger adults at evaluating various options and developing strategies in response to their situations or environments.

Even with all these perks of growing older, your loved one might still need assistance with other aspects of his or her life. For instance, if your loved one needs help with exercise, transportation, or medication reminders, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers are available 24/7 to help with many important tasks like these, and we also offer specialized Parkinson’s, post-stroke, and dementia care in Placer County. For more information on how our in-home care can promote your loved one’s quality of life, call one of our friendly Care Managers at 916.226.3737 to schedule a free consultation in your home.

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