5 Easy Ways to Improve Senior Self-Esteem

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The senior care experts at Home Care Assistance Placer County know that caring for a senior loved one is more than just caring for his or her physical needs. Fostering and maintaining healthy self-esteem is an integral part of keeping your elderly loved one emotionally happy and intellectually engaged. Sometimes, as seniors age and face things like retiring from work, loss of mobility, and fewer friends, it can be tough for them to maintain their sense of self-worth and keep their self-esteem high. Here are some tips for encouraging and preserving self-esteem in your senior loved one.

1. Encourage dignity whenever possible. While it may be easier for hourly caregivers in Placer County to do simple tasks around the home, taking away all chores and day-to-day activities, like dressing oneself, can be demoralizing and hurtful to self-esteem. Whenever possible, encourage your senior loved one to do things on his or her own.

2. Speak to all seniors as adult peers. Some people, especially those new to caring for a senior, have a tendency to speak to the elderly as if they are children. While this might be necessary with advanced dementia patients, it’s completely inappropriate for most seniors and can make them feel marginalized and resentful.

3. Give as much privacy as possible. Even if it takes your senior loved one five minutes to open an envelope and another five minutes to wrestle the card out, he or she would likely prefer to open their correspondence privately. You can always offer to help, but respect privacy as much as possible.

4. Create new responsibilities. Everyone likes to feel useful and needed, and it’s crucial for seniors to feel as though they still contribute regularly whether at home or in the community. Some seniors enjoy making blankets for the homeless, volunteering at local hospitals or afterschool programs, or writing letters to politicians regarding causes they’re passionate about.

5. Compliment your senior loved one sincerely and often. Seniors have so much to offer, from sage advice to a kind word. Let your elderly relative know they still have a lot to contribute and positively effect your life on a regular basis.

The elderly have much to offer, and acknowledging their contributions, presence, and independence will help keep their self-esteem and self-worth high. For active seniors who need a little extra help throughout the day, an hourly or live-in caregiver in Placer County can provide the support he or she needs. Home Care Assistance caregivers are trained in the Balanced Care Method, which focuses on healthy diet, mental acuity, physical activity, and a sense of purpose, and is ideal for helping seniors maintain self-esteem and a strong sense of self-worth as they age. To learn more about the services available near you or to schedule a free consultation, call (916) 226-3737 to speak with a qualified Care Manager today.


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