Helping Elderly Make it Through Spring Allergy Season

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Allergy season can cause a stuffy nose, sneezing, headaches, coughing, difficulty breathing, and a host of other issues. Your senior loved one may need a little extra help to stay comfortable during the worst part of spring allergy season. Consider these tips for reducing the amount of allergens your senior is exposed to this spring.

Change Air Filters

Filters for air conditioners, furnaces, and humidifiers can trap allergens and make life difficult for your elderly relative. Clean them or replace them as soon as you can, and if you are unavailable or live out of town, ask his or her Placer County, CA caregiver if they would be willing to do it.

Clean Bedding

Wash pillowcases, sheets, and blankets regularly. Blankets trap more pollen and dust than most other surfaces, and can prevent your senior loved one from being able to breathe well. Vacuum the box springs as well since they are prone to collecting extra dust and pollen.

Vacuum Rug Bottoms

Don’t neglect the bottoms of the rugs. Vacuum them frequently since dust and pollen collect there, too. Cleaning both sides of the rugs will ensure pollen and dust don’t build inside the house.

Groom Pets

Bathe and brush pets regularly, or take them to the groomer. Pet dander can cause a ton of discomfort in seniors with allergies. Also, be sure to keep litter boxes for cats clean and separate from the rest of the active areas of the home.

Important Info About Medications

Some allergy medications, such as Benadryl, may increase the risk of developing dementia. If your senior needs relief from allergy symptoms, speak with his or her physician about possible treatment options, including prescription medications and holistic methods.

Keeping your senior loved one comfortable extends beyond just allergy season, and a caregiver from Home Care Assistance of Placer County can maximize comfort for your loved one year-round. Our caregivers can cook, help with light household chores, run errands, provide medication reminders, and offer companionship, which is essential for seniors who live alone. Call us at (916) 226-3737 or click here to learn more. Our friendly Care Manager is happy to schedule a free in-home consultation at your earliest convenience.




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