Senior Health: 3 Benefits of Telemedicine

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Telemedicine uses telecommunications technology to provide healthcare services to the elderly. Here are 5 ways caregivers are taking advantage of this new program to help seniors live a longer, healthier, and more comfortable life.

1. Independent Living and Cost Savings

Doctors are able to monitor patients remotely, which allows seniors to stay longer in their own homes where they feel comfortable and secure rather than move to a nursing facility. This also offers a substantial cost savings since senior home care Placer County is often less expensive. Additionally, telemedicine costs are lower than that of a physical hospital or office visit.

2. Improved Access

Seniors can eliminate travel time and the challenge of getting to and from doctor’s appointments. This is especially important for seniors who live in rural areas and find it difficult to get the care they need without traveling long distances. The wait time and scheduling time with telemedicine is often quicker than a traditional doctor’s visit as well.

3. Specialized Care

The specialized care seniors need is more easily accessible because physicians are able to transmit medical records and images to specialists quickly when the need arises. This gives seniors the advantage of having doctors outside of their regular area available, increasing their care options.

Thanks to its many benefits, telemedicine could quickly become the standard for which many seniors receive their care.

To learn more about senior health and wellness, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We provide specialized senior care, including live-in, Alzheimer’s, and stroke care in Placer County. Call our office at 916.226.3737 to speak with a dedicated Care Manager who can answer questions and discuss care options for your senior loved one.

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