Technological Devices That Make Aging in Place Easier

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Aging in place is becoming extremely popular among seniors, and thanks to many technological advances, your elderly loved one can maintain his or her independence much easier. Here are just a few devices to help your loved one remain safe and comfortable while remaining at home.

Video Chats and Apps

Teach your loved one how to use computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other web-enabled devices. This will allow him or her to video chat with you and other family members or friends by using online services such as Messenger, FaceTime, and Skype. You can speak to your loved one and see what is going on within the house in real time. These devices and apps help monitor your loved one during those times when either you or a Placer County caregiver are not in the home. 

Stair Lifts 

If your loved one has limited mobility, a stair lift allows him or her to ascend and descend stairs while sitting in a chair. Thanks to this device, your loved one can safely go to other floors within the home. Installing a stair lift can help your loved one remain independent and prevent falls, which could lead to serious injuries. 


Responders are not only easy to use, but are convenient as well. Your loved one can attach a responder to a bag, keychain, backpack, or any other accessory. If your loved one falls down, becomes sick, or needs immediate assistance, all he or she needs to do is push the button on the responder to be connected with an agent immediately. Most responder services not only contact 911 and conference family members, but they can also call your loved one’s caregiver from a home care agency in Placer County if the caregiver is listed. 

Security Systems

Gone are the days when home security systems simply set off an alarm when an intruder entered the premises. Thanks to modern technology, these devices can now monitor the home and much more. Your loved one can walk around the home safely, knowing he or she is being monitored, and a system can also alert him or her of fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and more. You won’t need to worry about your loved one leaving appliances or lights on within the home. Security system providers have services that will complete those tasks as well. The systems will even lock up the home when your loved one leaves and once he or she returns, making it easier to age in place safely.

Combining the use of technology with a professional caregiver’s know-how can help optimize your loved one’s safety and comfort at home. At Home Care Assistance, our expertly trained caregivers can monitor your loved one’s activity, assist with mobility, provide transportation, and help with many important daily tasks. We also offer specialized Parkinson’s, stroke, and Alzheimer’s care for Placer County seniors who need more extensive assistance. For more information on how our in-home care services can help your loved one age in place, call one of our friendly Care Managers at 916.226.3737 today.

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