5 Warning Signs of Elderly Stress

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Everyone wants to believe his or her elderly loved one is enjoying a stress-free retirement. However, stressful life events commonly occur throughout the senior years, and it is important to recognize these 5 warning signs that stress is affecting your loved one’s wellbeing.

1. A New Health Condition

A senior who is suddenly diagnosed with a health condition like high blood pressure may be experiencing a physical response to stress. When this happens, it is important to talk to your loved one about what may be occurring in his or her life and find ways to help him or her relax. It is also important to note a new health diagnosis itself can often be stressful for seniors.

2. Unexplained Weight Gain or Loss

Stress can sometimes lead to depression and affect a senior’s appetite. This is especially true for seniors who have recently lost a spouse or who eat alone. As a family, make plans to share meals with your loved one to ensure he or she is eating well even during stressful times.

3. Mood Swings

Chronic worrying can alter your loved one’s behavior. When this happens, you may find your loved one happy one moment and upset the next when the problems return to his or her mind. This can occur due to financial, health, and social worries. For this reason, it is important to develop a good rapport with your loved one so he or she will share these concerns before they begin to affect his or her behavior.

4. Self-Isolation

We’ve all been in situations where we just didn’t want to talk about our problems. However, some seniors isolate themselves from family and friends when stress reaches uncomfortable levels. Your loved one may try to self-isolate after a recent loss that affects his or her self-confidence, such as a change in physical abilities. Make sure to surround your loved one with support during this time, and arrange for a Granite Bay caregiver to visit frequently so he or she never experiences the ill effects of being alone for too long.

5. Frequent Requests for Help

Some seniors have no problem reaching out during times of stress. However, they may not mention there is an emotional reason behind their requests. For example, a senior who constantly asks you to come over and fix things or help clean up may be stressed about the fear of falling. Make arrangements for Granite Bay home care so your loved one doesn’t have to fear being hurt while alone.

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