What Are the Benefits of Yoga For Older Adults?

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Today’s seniors recognize the importance of active lifestyles and physical fitness. Staying active dramatically improves one’s quality of life. To that end, the 60+ crowd is increasingly turning to the practice of yoga as a way to maximize their strength, flexibility and well-being.

A common myth is that yoga is just for the young, athletic or super-flexible. This is patently untrue. Seniors are ‘yogis,’ too. In fact, more and more Placer County senior care specialists are recommending that older adults utilize yoga as a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical method for managing pain, staying active, and maximizing peace of mind.

When seniors practice yoga, the results are transformative. Yoga provides an antidote to the perils of a sedentary lifestyle. It wards off arthritis, osteoporosis, and loss of flexibility in the joints, and studies show that the exercise can help minimize chronic pain, including pain experienced in the lower back. In some cases, yoga may even be recommended as part of a senior’s Placer County post-hospital home care plan to help slowly rebuild strength and flexibility. Yoga also helps lower blood pressure, ease respiratory difficulties, and stimulate blood circulation for better body temperature management.

Stress is a major obstacle to senior wellness. Tried and true yoga positions help relieve the body of its cumulative stress burden. As a result, yoga-loving seniors frequently feel happier, have more energy during the day, and sleep better at night. Health and happiness go hand in hand, and yoga is designed to help with both at the same time.

In all, yoga is believed to slow the aging process. That’s one major reason people have been practicing this extraordinary physical art for more than 4,000 years. Yoga is considered safe for aging adults, but it isn’t right for everyone. Be sure to consult with a trusted doctor or physical therapist familiar with your loved one’s medical history and status. They will be able to make an informed recommendation.

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