Medical Alert Devices for Elderly

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Falls are the primary cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among seniors. In addition to removing trip hazards, ensuring proper lighting throughout the home, and reviewing current medications to remove any that may be causing dizziness, wearable medical alert devices can promote in-home safety for seniors. Wearable medical alert devices are designed to allow your elderly loved one to immediately and easily call for help in case of injury or emergency when a family member or Placer County hourly caregiver is not home. Here are some of the highest rated medical alert devices for seniors.

Medical Alert

Best for: Active people who may need help while away from their homes and stroke survivors.
Cost: $30/month for landline service, $35/month for cell service, and $40/month for GPS service.
Activation fees: No activation fees.
Commitment:Medical Alert requires a 90-day minimum commitment.

Medical Alert is one of the most affordable medical alert devices and is available in several styles, including wristbands and pendants, which can be easily activated with one hand. Medical Alert devices automatically detect when a senior falls down by sensing sudden impacts and/or movements and alert emergency responders. Medical Alert’s GPS service makes the device a particularly good choice for seniors who stay active outside the home. If there is an accident or injury, the wearer can call for assistance and emergency responders will use the GPS signal to find him or her.


Best for: Elderly people who have limited mobility and seniors with homes that are hard to navigate.
Cost: Plans start at $24.95 per month.
Activation fees: No activation fees.
Commitment: No commitment.

LifeFone offers several device models, including pendants and wristbands, which can be clipped to a belt or pocket. LifeFone works with landline or cell phone networks and, like Medical Alert, offers automatic fall detection, though it requires as a service upgrade. The most unique feature of LifeFone is the optional help buttons. These buttons can be placed strategically on walls in the home close to the floor in areas like bathrooms and hallways. These devices allow a fallen elderly person to press the button to call for help without trying to stand or crawl to a phone.

Life Alert

Best for: Active seniors who are often away from home.
Cost: $30/month for landline, $40/month for cell, and $20/month for GPS.
Activation fees: Life Alert requires a $95 activation fee.
Commitment: Minimum 36-month commitment.

Life Alert is the most recognizable medical alert brand, and it has been around for decades. Similar to other models, Life Alert offers both wristband and pendants models, which can work with landline or cell phone networks. Uniquely, Life Alert also offers emergency help phones. These emergency phones do not require charging and are equipped with GPS, meaning the phones can be used to call for assistance no matter where the user is.

If your elderly loved one lives alone or is alone from time-to-time, a medical alert device may be the right choice for his or her safety. These devices provide your loved one peace of mind knowing there is immediate medical attention available at the press of a button. Pairing a medical alert device with part-time or live-in home care in Placer County could help ensure that your elderly loved one is safe and comfortable in his or her home.

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