An Amazing Love Story That Took Over 6 Decades to Occur

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Millie Taylor-Morrison met her soul mate, Harold Morrison, 6 decades ago, but never gave dating a chance for a variety of reasons. However, fate finally stepped in, and the two are now happily married. Folsom, Granite Bay, and Placer County senior home care professionals want to share the story of this special and inspiring senior romance.

Harold attended Millie’s first wedding, and the two stayed in contact with each other for over 60 years. Their relationship went from pure friendship to true romance. They discovered what all seniors and family caregivers in Placer County should know: that it is important for older adults to maintain old connections, develop new friendships, and believe in romantic relationships. Through their constant communication, Harold and Millie were able to learn more about each other, which benefited their cognitive health and allowed them to care for each other during times of illness. 

When Harold became ill, Millie asked him if he would like to live with her instead of going to a nursing home. Harold agreed, and throughout the course of a year he healed and was ready to return to living his normal lifestyle. The home was occupied by Millie and her grandchildren. The social network and personalized attention may have contributed to Harold’s recovery. 

After Harold was well enough to live alone or in a retirement facility Millie decided it would go against her religious faith to live with him without being in a committed relationship. Soon after, the two were engaged, followed by a beautiful wedding ceremony in front of their family and friends. 

What many people notice about Millie is that she has maintained a healthy weight and beautiful skin. Millie’s secret is trying to eat healthy meals and getting enough exercise. She has never drunk alcohol or smoked cigarettes, which provided a significant boost to her health. Millie also uses cream and shea butter on her skin. 

Although Harold and Millie continue to do some of the same things, such as praying over their meals together and proclaiming their love to each other, the married couple are happier now than they have ever been. Happiness produces positive endorphins into the body that help eliminate stress, which reduces the risk of heart disease. The type of happiness these newlyweds feel should come as no surprise, especially for a love story that was 6 decades in the making.

One of the greatest things about maintaining relationships in the golden years is the emotional support and social stimulation a senior receives. If your loved one needs more socialization in his or her life, consider hiring an hourly caregiver. Placer County seniors rely on the caregivers at Home Care Assistance to offer regular companionship care and assist with daily tasks like bathing and grooming. For more information on our elder care services, please call 916.226.3737 today.

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