Safe Sports for Active Seniors & Older Adults

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As we get older, it sometimes becomes difficult to participate in the sports we enjoyed in our younger days. Injuries may take longer to heal, energy levels may be lower, and certain illnesses or age-related physical impairments could come into play. However, Home Care Assistance – a trusted provider of Placer County senior care – wants to remind aging adults that participation in the right type of sport with the right kind of preparation could be fun, safe and healthy. Here are a few sports older seniors can engage in that will still keep them active in their later years.

  • Bowling can help you with your hand/eye coordination and foot step timing.
  • Golf is a great low impact sport that includes leisurelywalking which is good for the heart. Golf also helps you maintain flexibility.
  • Swimming is beneficial for seniors because it’s easy on joints, improves muscle tone, helps improve balance,and reduces the possibility of osteoporosis.
  • Tai Chi is a wonderful stress reliever that contributes to the reduction of blood pressure, helps with concentration, provides a low impact full-body workout and increases flexibility.
  • Cycling is one of the best aerobic exercises for seniors. It’s not too hard on aging joints and it greatly improves lung function and blood circulation while helping to maintain balance and coordination.
  • Tennis is known to improve bone density, increase aerobic capacity, and encourage timely physical and mental reactions.

These are just some exercises and sports that seniors can do to keep physically active and live a healthy lifestyle. They are beneficial for overall well-being by boosting physical, emotional, mental and social health all at the same time.

To find out about how to get involved in these types of activities, visit the local Placer County YMCA or Seniors First of Placer County. You can also find help from the 24/7 caregivers in Placer County at Home Care Assistance. Our experienced and trained caregivers are knowledgeable in how to help aging adults with mobility, exercise and nutrition while also promoting independence and purposeful living. For dignified senior care that covers all aspects of health, call Placer County Home Care Assistance today at 916.226.3737.

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