Promoting Independence for a Loved One with Parkinson’s

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Being diagnosed with a degenerative disease can be devastating and Parkinson’s is certainly no exception. While some seniors experience feelings of helplessness as certain abilities begin to decline, others commit themselves to living lives that are rich with activities and enjoyment. With a proactive mindset, older adults living with Parkinson’s can maintain their independence and an acceptable level of health for many years.

If you have an aging parent or loved one who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, learn more about Parkinson’s home care in Placer County before reading on.

Using Adaptive Techniques

Learning how to adapt movements to reflect changes in physical abilities is one of the most important steps in maintaining independence for a senior living with Parkinson’s. There are many helpful tools and gadgets that can be used for cooking, balancing food on eating utensils, self care and home maintenance. A willingness to secure and adjust to these new tools will allow seniors with Parkinson’s to maintain a sense of normalcy. Adaptive tools can also increase safety for the senior adult.

Seeking Physical Therapy

Working with a physical therapist is a great way to take advantage of daily exercises that can help to keep the limbs loose and for maintaining a sufficient range of motion. For those who are opting to use alternative medications to manage Parkinson’s symptoms, it is also important to work with a nutritionist. These professionals can help create eating plans that provide optimal nutritional and restorative benefits.

Stress Management

Like many other health issues, Parkinson’s tends to worsen under stress. Those with poor stress management skills often experience increased tremors, stiffness and discomfort. Engaging in physical activities that help to alleviate stress is therefore vital. In fact, many companies manufacturer exercise equipment and offer programs designed for independent use by seniors with Parkinson’s. Not only can exercising help shift focus away from issues associated with the disease, it also works to boost the serotonin and dopamine levels of the senior, an effective strategy for staving off stress.

In-Home Assistance

Some seniors are fortunate enough to have the assistance and support of their family. However, undivided attention from a family member is often uncommon as many must juggle their caregiving responsibilities with work and family life. When a senior requires additional assistance at home, or as the disease progresses, in-home help from a reliable Placer County home care agency can be of great assistance. A highly trained caregiver can ensure the safety of the senior in the comfort of their own home, while providing their family with peace of mind.

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