3 Ways to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

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It isn’t until you begin to care for an aging loved one that you realize how physically and emotionally tiring it can be. When a person is dependent upon you for their needs, there’s no doubt there will be days where you feel as if you have been pushed to the brink of what you can handle. While “bad days” are a part of the caregiving experience, there are things family caregivers can do to avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed 24/7.

  1. Find Support – Whether it is from family, friends or members of your community, get the support that you need and don’t be afraid to ask for help. See if a friend or even an agency caregiver can come so that you enjoy time to relax, meet up with friends or go to that long overdue appointment at the hairdresser. Ask members of your church if they can take turns bringing over a dinner or sitting with your loved one once a week. Support can come in many forms, but the most important part of support is realizing that you are not alone in this journey.  Click here for more information about professional caregivers in Placer County who can be a valuable resource for respite and quality care for your loved one.
  2. Learn (or Relearn) How to Care for Yourself – Even if you provide 24/7 care in Placer County, you must learn how to take care of yourself as well as your loved one. This includes eating a healthy diet instead of relying on fast foods for convince, making sure you get as much rest as possible, and staying as physically active as you can. These things can be hard to fit into the day. However, they are all important for keeping yourself at the top of your form so that you are strong enough to care for your loved one.
  3. Meditation or Prayer – Whatever your beliefs happen to be, including meditation or prayer as part of your day can be a powerful antidote to the stress which comes with caregiving. Join a meditation or yoga group to help yourself learn how to relax and put yourself in the hands of a higher power. If you belong to a church or other religious organization, make use of that in your daily life. This can be incredibly important when you are dealing with the stress of caregiving.

Caregiving can be very complicated, but caring for yourself doesn’t have to be. The above are three easy ways to keep yourself fresh and ready to take on the responsibilities of caring for the ones that you love.

For more information about respite care and support for the family caregiver, visit our website at www.homecareassistanceplacercounty.com or contact a Care Manager directly at 916-226-3737. We are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about in-home care for an aging loved one.

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