When Memory Loss is Cause for Concern

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As we age, we inevitably experience a little memory loss here and there. However, where is the line between age-related memory loss and mental illness like Alzheimer’s and dementia? Leading Placer County Alzheimer’s care provider, Home Care Assistance, offers a few distinctions between the two.

Memory loss that affects daily life

Misplacing car keys or forgetting where you put a book is normal. The memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disrupts daily living and leads to a dependency on memory aids such as notes, labeling everyday items, or asking for the same information repeatedly.

Challenges in planning and solving problems

Beyond simply miscalculating the balance when working in the checkbook, dementia-related trouble includes forgetting to pay the bills altogether or overpaying by extreme amounts. Other seemingly simple tasks like following a recipe may seem impossible for a senior in the beginning stages of cognitive decline.

Confusing time and place

An Alzheimer’s patient may frequently or permanently forget where they are. Some seniors are known to regress back years, even back into childhood. In the mid to late stages, they may forget who they are or who loved ones are as well.

Risk factors

  • 65 years of age or older and the odds increase every five years, with the risk reaching 50% after age 85
  • Having a family history of Alzheimer’s or other dementia
  • Risk genes and deterministic genes can show whether or not a person is likely to develop Alzheimer’s

Early detection is key to getting the necessary help. Is your senior loved one is exhibiting any early warning signs beyond age-related memory hiccups, make an appointment with his or her physician immediately.

It’s never to early to plan long-term care, especially when the right home care in Placer County will enable your loved one to remain in the comfort of his or her own home. At Home Care Assistance, our trusted caregivers can help will all manner of responsibilities, provide around-the-clock safety monitoring, and work closely with the family and physician to provide the best care possible. Call our office today at 916.226.3737 to learn more.

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