5 Reasons Why Elderly Should Listen to More Music

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Though music is typically thought of as simply entertainment, listening to music may also have certain health benefits, which is why having music on throughout the day, may be inadvertently boosting your elderly loved one’s health. Read on for five ways that the senior care experts at Placer County Home Care Assistance suggest regularly listening to music is good for seniors. 

1. Delays Dementia Symptoms

There is strong evidence that listening to music may keep dementia at bay or slow its progress. While scientists do not yet know why, some research shows that listening to favorite song from the past brings back memories of youth, which may help reduce memory loss. Singing along with music may also be good for a senior’s brain, providing a cognitive workout when he or she tries to recall lyrics.

2. Soothes Anxiety

If your elderly relative frequently experiences agitation, music can be calming and help him or her settle down. For seniors who enjoy classical music, instrumental songs can be especially relaxing. If your elderly loved one has dementia, asking a Placer County dementia caregiver to play classical music can help your loved one settle down when he or she feels overwhelmed.

3. Provides Conversation

When day-to-day routines have become monotonous, conversation can also become dull. Many family caregivers report falling into a habit of limiting discussion to daily activities and checking in on how their loved one is feeling. Listening to music together can revive your conversations, providing a way to share musical preferences, as well as memories associated with favorite songs.

4. Encourages Engagement

Some senior music lovers feel happier and more animated while listening to music. This is particularly true when listening to favorite tunes from a senior’s youth, reminding him or her of specific memories or how it felt to be a teen. Because hymns, gospel music, and other religious songs are associated with his or her positive feelings from church, they may also be an effective way to boost seniors’ moods.

5. Helps Seniors Eat More

If your loved one doesn’t eat much or experiences agitation during meals, try playing relaxing music at a low volume during mealtimes. The music may diminish your elderly relative’s feelings of stress or anxiety enough to enable him or her to enjoy the meal and feel relaxed enough to concentrate on eating.

If you’re looking for other strategies to boost your elderly loved one’s health, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We are committed to providing high-caliber home care for seniors in Placer County through our proprietary care approaches, including the Balanced Care Method. Designed to promote senior health and wellness through healthy diet, regular exercise, cognitive engagement, socialization, and promoting a sense of purpose, this method is included in your elderly loved one’s care plan at no additional costs. To learn more about our revolutionary care methods, give a Care Manager a call at 916.226.3737 and schedule a free in-home consultation.

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