Tasty Low-Sodium Meals for Senior Health

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When cooking for the beloved seniors in our lives, we want to provide meals that are comforting and delicious, while still complying with dietary restrictions. Anyone who has made a meal for an aging loved one knows it can be tough to find meals both healthy and satisfying. Placer County Home Care Assistance offers up a few tasty, low-sodium meals for senior health.

Breakfast – Banana split oatmeal 
The “banana split” in the name says it all. This breakfast is quick and delicious. This recipe calls for just a hint of salt, but you can leave it out and your loved one will still think this is the best breakfast they’ve had in a while! If he or she doesn’t like banana, try substituting other fruits instead like strawberries or blueberries. You can also use nonfat Greek yogurt with a little honey instead of frozen yogurt.

Lunch – Brown rice bowl with grilled or baked tofu and steamed vegetables 
Brown rice is rich in nutrients and fiber, and can be served with all sorts of different dishes. Tofu, when prepared right, is a delicious and satisfying substitute for other proteins. For this recipe, use a low-sodium soy sauce, along with heart-healthy sesame oil, and fresh garlic to make a delish tofu marinade. Top the dish with some steamed veggies for extra fiber and vitamin C.

Dinner – A hearty bowl of chili 
Though delicious, a hearty bowl of chili is not often the healthiest. This crock pot chili recipe is a lighter and healthier version of the classic dish because it omits ground beef and uses chicken breast instead. Add multiple kinds of beans to increase flavor, texture, and nutrient content of the dish, and throw in both squash and zucchini. Your loved one will enjoy the subtle sweetness and nutty flavor of this rich, but healthy chili perfect for cold winter nights.

It can be a challenge to feed a picky senior meals that are both yummy and healthy. The above are easy, well-balanced meal options that can easily be adjusted to fit your elderly relative’s specific dietary guidelines.

Another way to ensure your loved one is meeting his or her nutritional needs is to hire a local Placer County part-time caregiver who can go grocery shopping and prepare healthy meals for him or her. The caregivers at Home Care Assistance are compassionate, reliable, and extensively trained on the best and most current care practices. Find out more about the services available in your area by calling (916) 226-3737 to speak with a qualified Care Manager today.


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