Alzheimer’s Care: Lending a Listening Ear  

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Alzheimer’s disease can cause an elderly person to feel a variety of jumbled emotions. From confusion and fear to anger and disorientation, it can become difficult for elderly adults to navigate the waters of their own feelings and reactions. Forgetfulness, embarrassing memory lapses, and uncertainty about physical surroundings often creates tension for seniors who are choosing to age in place at home. Family caregivers, in turn, may experience frustration and fatigue in trying to cope with a loved one’s Alzheimer’s symptoms, including sundown syndrome, in which some confused seniors tend to wander aimlessly at night resulting in the need for 24/7 Alzheimer’s care in Placer County.

Those with Alzheimer’s have unique emotional needs that sometimes go overlooked when family members become focused on tending to their outward physical ailment. It’s important for family members and the senior’s in-home caregiver in Placer County to take action to enhance the aging adult’s mood and facilitate cooperation for required tasks like getting dressed or using the bathroom. Sometimes just listening to an elder with Alzheimer’s who is recalling past memories can make the aged person feel valued and respected. Rather than feeling rejected and neglected, your listening ear will allow your aging loved one to feel like they are still an important part of the family.

As the disease progresses, keep in mind that speaking in a low or moderate voice is important, along with using encouraging words and terms of affection that build rapport and trust. The experienced Alzheimer’s caregivers at Home Care Assistance in Placer County have mastered the communication and care skills necessary for working with a senior living with Alzheimer’s.

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