Is It Too Late For Love?

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Growing old without a partner can be a lonely experience, even when one is still surrounded by loving family and friends. Whether a senior has lost a spouse, gone through a divorce, or perhaps just never found the right person, all too often they believe their advanced age means the window of dating opportunity has passed. Or they might feel that to date again would be disloyal to a spouse who has passed away, or they might worry about what their children will think if they kindle a new romance. However, we believe that everyone is entitled to a new chance at love and happiness, and countless seniors are embracing life with renewed enthusiasm by diving back into the dating world or at least establishing friendships with other likeminded seniors of the opposite sex.

Age is often accompanied by illness and decreased mobility, leaving seniors isolated and frustrated over their lost self-sufficiency. Surveys have shown that nearly 25% of seniors wish they took part in more social activities. Seniors who enjoy frequent interactions reported better health, improved mood, and general satisfaction with life compared to those who were home-bound. Dating and opposite-sex friendships bring fun and a sense of youthful spontaneity into a senior’s life. In-home senior care in Placer County has become increasingly popular, allowing more and aging adults to keep up the social lifestyles they desire throughout their golden years.

Today, seniors have the freedom to maintain their independence and, as a result, their confidence. Volunteer work and church groups are both great places to meet and socialize, while senior centers offer various classes and activities designed to facilitate post-retirement age mingling. Romantic relationships can provide the love, fun, and support a single senior needs and deserves.

Home Care Assistance of Placer County, CA, is dedicated to enriching the lives of local seniors. From providing transportation and companionship to preparing meals and helping with housework, our in-home caregivers are capable of covering all the bases. For information on how an hourly caregiver from Placer County can help your aging loved one live a safe and social life, call 916.226.3737.

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