Providing Home Care for Autistic Seniors

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Seniors with autism can present a variety of challenges for family caregivers, which should be taken into consideration when providing Placer County live-in care. If your elderly loved one has autism, keep these tips in mind to ensure he or she has a comfortable environment to age in place.

Avoid Overstimulation

Your loved one may be sensitive to noise or become easily agitated when he or she is somewhere with a lot of activity going on. Try to make the environment as calming as possible to help your loved one feel more at ease. This includes keeping noise to a minimum and limiting the number of people who are in the same room as your loved one whenever possible. Doing so can help prevent him or her from feeling overstimulated.

Limit Changes

Seniors with autism don’t always manage change well, especially to their everyday routines or to their familiar surroundings. These changes can make your loved one feel agitated or frustrated, which can result in behavior that is difficult to manage. Keep changes to a minimum to prevent your loved one from feeling confused or lost. For example, you should avoid moving furniture around or redecorating if your loved one still lives at home. Being in a familiar environment instead of having to handle new changes can help him or her feel calmer.

Encourage Socialization

It’s important for seniors with autism to socialize with others, but this can sometimes be challenging for them. You shouldn’t force your loved one to spend time with other people because it could lead to outbursts or other behavioral issues. Instead, gently encourage your loved one to socialize with one or two other people at a time in quiet surroundings.

Keep Conversations Simple

Talking to your loved one can help him or her feel connected to others, but carrying on conversations might be difficult. Remain patient and avoid making conversations too complex for your loved one to follow. Seniors with autism can have trouble following conversations or understanding certain humorous remarks, so caregivers in Placer County should do their best to keep these talks straightforward and simple.

Seniors with autism often have more complex care needs than their non-autistic counterparts. At Home Care Assistance, we can customize your loved one’s care plan to meet those specific needs and alter the plan as those needs change over time. For more information on in-home care Placer County families trust, call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers at 916.226.3737 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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