Tips For Holiday Shopping With Elderly Loved Ones

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Doing holiday shopping together with your senior loved one is a great way to spend time together during December. But, sometimes holiday shopping can present some special problems because of large crowds, long lines, and difficulties parking. There’s no reason why you have to leave your favorite elderly relative at home, however. Placer County senior home care provider, Home Care Assistance, offers these tips to navigate holiday shopping with your loved one.

Do the Power Shopping Another Day
You have a lengthy list of gifts to buy, and are planning to fight traffic and long lines to score some great holiday deals. If that sounds like the day ahead of you, maybe this is not the best day to invite your loved one along. Aging family members, even those in the best physical condition, require patience and move at a slower pace. Both you and your loved one will enjoy the outing much more if you choose a day where you can relax and aren’t taxed with a long to-do list.

Plan for Physical Limitations
Aging seniors have to deal with a number of physical limitations that make long periods of activity and being around large crowds a special challenge. You may want to bring along another person who can help assist with your loved one if he or she needs extra help getting out of the car, walking, or standing in line. Also, if your town has a quaint shopping area with a collection of neat shops, cafes, and restaurants, that could be a more pleasant alternative than the crowded mall. You and your elderly loved one could visit just a handful of stores, stop at a cafe for a break, and grab a meal after you’re done shopping. It would also limit how far your loved one has to walk both to and from stores, as well as from the car to the shops.

Also, bear in mind that seniors sometimes have special toileting needs. Make sure there is a bathroom available if the need arises.

Have a List and a Budget
To help prevent your loved one from feeling overwhelmed during your shopping excursion, help him or her create a shopping list and budget prior to the outing. Identify who they want to purchase gifts for, a budget for each person, and one or two gift ideas that fall within that budget and will be easy to find. Having a clear focus will help senior relatives avoid expending excess mental and physical energy while out shopping.

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, and nothing is more enjoyable than spending time with aging loved ones. The extra care to accommodate seniors during shopping trips is well worth the effort. Does your loved one have a shopping list that you’re unable to lend a hand with? Find part-time care in Placer County through Home Care Assistance, and hire a caregiver who can take your loved one shopping and provide other support during this busy holiday season. Call (916) 226-3737 to speak with a Care Manager today and learn more about the hourly and live-in care services available in your area.


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