3 Exercises for Strong Bones

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When your loved one ages it is critical to maintain his or her bone strength in order to avoid certain physical conditions, like Osteoporosis, joint pain, and broken bones. At Placer County Home Care Assistance, our senior care experts encourage clients to implement daily exercise regimens designed to build strong bones. Read on for three exercises seniors can do to maintain bone strength.

1. Weight Training
While it may seem counter intuitive, building strong muscles is a great way to build strong bones. Weight training with light weights can help your elderly loved one build muscle and bone strength, without ever leaving the home. To start, have your loved one choose a dumbbell between 2 and 5 pounds. With two dumbbells of the same weight, assist your loved one with several basic weightlifting moves, like bicep curls, shoulder presses, or squats. Encourage your loved one to try a muscle-strengthening exercise at least two times per week and gradually increase the dumbbell weight as he or she gets stronger.

2. Yoga
Encourage your elderly loved one to try yoga, a relaxing exercise that combines breathing control, poses, and meditation. Ease your relative into doing yoga by trying some beginner poses, like Mountain pose, Chair pose, or Child’s pose. With the assistance of a family or hourly caregiver in Placer County, yoga can be a fun daily activity that helps improve flexibility, strength, and balance. By developing these skills, yoga helps prevent falls and injuries, and reduces the risk for bone conditions, like Osteoporosis.

3. Brisk Walking
Brisk walking can be an excellent way to get some fresh air while improving bone strength in the legs and hips. As some seniors have weak ankles, it is especially important for your loved one to wear the correct footwear to prevent injury. When walking on a flat, even terrain, comfortable sneakers with arch support are sufficient for most seniors. To begin, have your loved one warm up by walking at a leisurely pace, and then speed up to a brisk walk after five minutes. The first few exercise sessions, walk for about ten minutes and before gradually increasing to thirty minutes as your loved one becomes more comfortable.

Help maintain and improve your loved one’s bone strength by encouraging him or her to try these exercises. If other responsibilities keep you from beginning an exercise routine with your loved one, an hourly or 24-hour caregiver in Placer County may be able to provide the assistance he or she needs to ensure the exercises are performed safely. Learn more about how a caregiver from Home Care Assistance of Placer County can help promote your senior loved one’s health and wellness by contacting a Care Manager at 916.226.3737 and scheduling a free, in-home consultation.

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