What is Companionship Care?

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For many senior adults, circumstances limit their ability to make social connections. Whether they are homebound due to a health condition or they can no longer drive, it is important to make sure that a senior’s need for socialization is met. This is especially important for families who may live a long-distance from their loved one or who struggle with a busy schedule that makes frequent visits difficult. Companionship care in Placer County can offer the perfect solution for meeting a senior’s social and emotional needs, helping to prevent feelings of isolation.

What Companionship Care Does for Seniors

Today, many senior adults are able to age in place while tending to their own basic needs. Yet, there may be times when they can benefit from building a relationship with a caregiver. Senior companions spend time with aging adults while engaging in mentally stimulating activities that are based upon the senior’s interests. Active seniors may be accompanied by their companion to community events, favorite restaurants or even on a short vacation or trip to see family. Seniors who spend the majority of their time at home may choose to read, play games or simply enjoy conversations with their companion. Learn more about hourly home care in Placer County and how part-time care can promote physical and emotional health.

Benefits of Companionship Care for the Family

Companionship care goes beyond just providing benefits for senior adults; it can substantially impact the well-being of the entire family. When a senior adult’s emotional health is boosted by their relationship with a caregiver, they will be more likely to engage with their family. They will be excited to talk about the latest events in their lives, and they will experience less episodes of depression due to isolation. Families can also benefit from having the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone has checked-in with their loved one on a regular basis. Family caregivers who provide the majority of their loved one’s care can also enjoy a respite when the companion arrives.

From stimulating activities to compassionate care and assistance, companionship care can bridge the gap so that a senior adult and their family can benefit from having a reliable source of support. If you are interested in learning more about companionship care, contact Home Care Assistance at 916-226-3737. We offer hourly and 24 hour care in Placer County that allows seniors to age in the comfort of home. Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with one of our Care Managers and learn why families trust Home Care Assistance to meet their loved one’s care needs.

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