Easy Ways Seniors Can Boost Their Immune System

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As we age, our immune systems become weaker. As a result, seniors often experience more frequent occurrences of cold, flu, and pneumonia than the average healthy adult. If you care for a senior loved one, try some of these tips, furnished by Placer County senior home care experts Home Care Assistance, to help him or her naturally boost their immune systems and prevent illness.

Improve Diet
The best diet for optimum health is one that includes plenty of fresh fruits, leafy green vegetables, and lean protein, and is low in saturated fat. Diets rich in antioxidants, folic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids help prevent a myriad of diseases, cancers, and other age-related health concerns.

Rev-up Exercise
Exercise is good for the body at any age. There are many benefits of exercise for seniors in particular, like increased bone density, but getting a daily dose of moderate exercise can also help keep the body’s immune system humming along at peak efficiency.

Stop Bacteria
Take a few extra measures to destroy bacteria. Make sure senior loved ones wash their hands and faces with a mild antibacterial soap, keep hand sanitizer handy for when washing isn’t an option, and use an antibacterial cleaner regularly around the home on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, as well as other surfaces seniors regularly come in contact with.

Take a Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Supplement
Despite the best efforts in the kitchen, there are almost always going to be some gaps in nutritional intake. Ensuring your senior loved one fills the gap and is getting all the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy mind and body is as easy as having them take a daily vitamin/mineral supplement. Be sure to check with his or her physician before starting any new supplements.

Eat Plenty of Garlic And Onions
Garlic and onions are nutritional powerhouses, and scientists have been studying their bacteria-fighting properties for several years. Bumping up their daily intake of these healthy foods can help support seniors’ immune systems and general health. Add garlic and onions to salad, sautéed veggies, soups, or sauces. If he or she doesn’t like the flavor, try a garlic supplement instead.

Keeping your senior loved one safe and healthy not just during cold and flu season but throughout the year is a top priority. If you need help ensuring your loved one is receiving the best care possible, it might be time to discuss hourly or live-in senior care in Placer County. Home Care Assistance of Placer County never requires long-term contracts, offers flexible schedules, and provides ongoing training for caregivers to ensure they are proficient in the most up-to-date care practices. Schedule a free in-home consultation or inquire about our services by calling (916) 226-3737 to speak with a Care Manager today.


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